OFFEXT Skunk Arm Nozzle

OFFEXT Skunk Arm Nozzle

The OFFEXT SKUNK Arm Nozzle is a fire extinguishing tool developed for compartment fires. It is inserted into the compartment through a hole that can be a window, door or a hole can be cut into the structure. On the video below, the initial seat of fire has been located by reconnaisance and a hole is cut into the back side door for the SKUNK. Fire is extinguished through that hole.

Floor plan of the room

The superior cooling effect of the arm nozzle is based on the water being sprayed to the exactly optimal part of the compartment, that is, ceiling and the wall area just below the ceiling. The idea is simple, put the wet stuff on the hot stuff. Water that is put on the floor has little or no effect compared to the water put into the hot gas layer and hot, pyrolyzing surfaces.

Compared to common spike nozzle (left side), the water distribution in the arm nozzle (right) is aimed to the hot gas layer.

Looking at the ceiling from a birds eye view, the comparison of the amount of area hit by water shows why the arm nozzle has superior extinguishging power compared to the spike nozzle. The water is delivered exactly where it is most effective, the ceiling.

The water spray from the SKUNK vaporizes and cools down the room very effectively, the temperature drops from 650 degrees to 70 degrees in just two seconds.

Temperature drop in the test compartment.

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