Fighting compartment fires with the OFFEXT SKUNK arm nozzle

Fighting compartment fires with the OFFEXT SKUNK arm nozzle

The OFFEXT SKUK is very powerful tool for fighting compartment fires that have progressed to or near flashover. In these situations, the amount of water needed for putting out the fire is considerable ant the SKUNK can deliver this. A key element in success is to vaporize the water as effectively as possible, and this has been a key design principle in the product. Varsisammutin on erittäin tehokas pidemmälle edeneen huoneistopalon sammuttamisessa. Sammuttimen vesimäärä riittää isonkin palon sammuttamiseen samalla kun käytetty vesi höyrystyy tehokkaasti.

On the test video an aparment of a multi dwelling house is set on fire and the arm nozzle is used to extinguish the fire.

The initial seat of fire is on the other end of the apartment and extinguishing is done via the front door on the other side of the building. Even thought the arm nozzle does not reach the room of the initial seat of fire, extinguishing is very succesfull.

Floor plan for the apartment in the test video

• Water is very effectively vaporized when it hits the hot ceiling and smoke layer

• As the gases cool, their volume decreases

• Inert water vapor extinguishes very effectively

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