Fog nails and spike nozzles have been used for exterior fire fighting for a long time. We have brought the concept to the 21st century with our OFFEXT Viper spike nozzle.

The main innovation in this product is that the spray inside the compartment can be freely aimed. Using a traditional spike nozzle, the water reaches only a fraction of the room volume and pyrolysing surfaces. Using the OFFEXT VIPER it is possible to reach every square inch of the hot surfaces and the whole gas volume.

The OFFEXT VIPER piercing nozzle makes fire fighting much more effective than the traditional piercing nozzles. The innovation is, that the water spray can be aimed anywhere inside the compartment where as with the traditional versions you only reach a small fraction of the space.

Effective extinguishing
Effective use of dry powder
How to use the VIPER

With the help of a jack, such as the RH Pusher, the nozzle can penetrate to an upper floor and be fixed onto the ceiling. Thus it can be operated without the need for supporting the nozzle at place. See the VIDEO for instructions on how to operate the nozzle.

Securing the OFFEXT VIPER piercing nozzle to the ceiling, watch the whole video here!

Adapter for RH pusher

VIPER can be equipped with an RH Pusher adapter, that allows the VIPER to be secured onto a surface, such as ceiling. Using the adapter, the spike nozzle can be operated without the need to support it. See the VIDEO!

The RH Puher adapter fits straight to the RH Pusher rescue edition (left picture) and no additional parts are needed. In the lumber jack edition (right picture) additional parts can not be connected to the extension pipe, so an additional extension pipe (product 100206) should be used.
VIPER adapter (product 100185) and VIPER adapter pipe (product 100206) needed for some models of RH pusher.

Dry Powder hose

VIPER spike nail can be used also with dry powder. Due to the turning nozzle tip, the dry powder can be spread much more effectively, than with a fixes powder nail. The specially designed powder hose is attached straight to the extinguisher. This guarantees a secure connection. The 1,5 meter hose makes working easy, as there is no need to support the extinguisher leaving both hands free for operating the nozzle.

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OFFEXT products are 100% designed and manufactured in Finland. The product range has a common goal of making fire fighting easier, faster and healthier. Using OFFEXT products, the exposure to carcinogens of smoke decreases dramatically keeping our fire fighters healthy.