OFFEXT Skunk is an arm nozzle with philosophy in which extinguishing agent (water) is put where (ceiling) the heat is. The water is thereby very effectively targeted to hot gase layer and pyrolysing surfaces. There is no point putting water onto the floor that is the coolest part of the compartment.

The Arm nozzle testvideo – YouTube

OFFEXT SKUNK has two extinguishing heads, one for structure fires (house fires) and another one for battery fires of electric vehicles. The extinguishing head is attached to the operating arm. One or two extension arms can be used as necessary. See an instruction video on how to use the SKUNK.

Battery Fires of Electric Vehicles

Putting out an EV fire is not a simple task. The personnel can be vastly exposed to the toxic compounds it the Lithium-ion battery fire. The OFFEXT SKUNK EV arm is a solution for external cooling of the battery that minimizes the time needed to spend near the burning vehicle. Take a look at a video from an EV Battery Fire Simulator.

The SKUNK components

1. Nozzle head OFFEXT SKUNK for structure and house fires

2. Nozzle head OFFEXT SKUNK EV for cooling the battery on an electric vehicle battery fire

3. Two extension arms

4. Cut off valve

5. Operating arm with operating valve

Parts of the OFFEXT SKUNK arm nozzle

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When threatened, the skunk sprays problem solving liquid from it’s rear end. A smart animal, worth imitating.

Skunks are mammals in the family Mephitidae. They are known for their ability to spray a liquid with a strong, unpleasant scent from their anal glands. Different species of skunk vary in appearance from black-and-white to brown, cream or ginger colored, but all have warning coloration.


OFFEXT products are 100% designed and manufactured in Finland. The product range has a common goal of making fire fighting easier, faster and healthier. Using OFFEXT products, the exposure to carcinogens of smoke decreases dramatically keeping our fire fighters healthy.

OFFEXT SKUNK Use and maintenance manual in English

OFFEXT SKUNK arm nozzle is protected by utility patent FI 13086 Y1