The OFFEXT Product Family is a comprehensive tool box for offensive exterior firefighting. The tools give fire fighters very powerful fire extiguishing capabilities without having to enter the burning space. This saves personnel from harmful exposures and equipment from contamination.

When the fire in a building evolves, the rise of temperature breaks the windows at some point in time. This point is a divider in choosing the most effective methodology for putting out the fire.

When the burning structure is still rather intact and there are no large vents, (windows are still there) small amounts of water con be very effective. Using the OFFEXT VIPER spike nozzle, the water can be aimed at the hot surfaces and the hot gas layer. This creates large amounts of steam that acts as inert gas. Important points are that the water is aimed towards the hot surfaces and actively spread to all off the pyrolysing surfaces, which you can not do with a traditional spike nozzle. The droplet size distribution of the VIPER is engineered to deliver variable size droplets. Small droplets are needed for effective cooling, and even more importantly larger droplets are needed to reach the hot surfaces. Larger droplets have significantly more motion energy enabling long throw length to really reach the surfaces.

The VIPER can also be used with dry powder and with the aiming mechanism, the powder can be distributed very efficiently.

When the windows of the building break, the effect of vapor or dry powder is lost, as they quickly vent out. At this point, much larger cooling effect is needed. This can be achieved with the OFFEXT SKUNK without smoke diving. The main principle remains the same, the water is aimed at the hot surfaces and hot gas layer. Using the SKUNK, a large amount of steam is created, that would be problematic for smoke divers, but is an advantage for exterior firefighting.

OFFEXT products are engineered and manufactured in Finland. The main goal of these products is to make firefighting safer and less exposing.