Extinguishing a house fire with the OFFEXT VIPER spike nozzle

Extinguishing a house fire with the OFFEXT VIPER spike nozzle

Oxygen is the gas pedal of any house fire. If the structure of the compartment on fire is mostly intact (windows are not broken), we can use that in our advantage. Extinguishing from the outside is very effective when our extinguishing medium is not vented out.

With traditional spike nozzles we are often putting plenty of water to where it is not needed (on the floor) and none to where it would be most needed (ceiling and pyrolysing surfaces).

The OFFEXT VIPER is a spike nozzle that can be aimed. With the turning and rotating function of the nozzle head you can easily reach any part of the compartment. The hot fire gases and smoke is in the upper part of the compartment, so that should also be where we put the water. With the aiming function we can put the wet stuff on the hot stuff. Clever, right.

On the video we see that the production of smoke decreases as soon as we apply water through the nozzle and soon there is no smoke coming out of the building. This is due to fire activity decreasing and the gases compressing as they are cooled. The spike nozzle is very effective in the situation where the structure does not have large openings. The steam generated when water is applied onto hot surfaces works in our advantage as an inert gas.

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